D24K is your source for conventional and intelligent lighting.

We provide lighting equipment rentals for corporate events, concerts, weddings, sporting events, trade shows and more.

From small to large scale events, proper lighting is necessary. Lighting can be the difference between a good event and an amazing event. Lighting is often the dominant factor of an event, providing illumination, target, detail and changing the mood of the set. Almost nothing conveys the mood of a show than good lighting, creating the right atmosphere for your event.

Lighting Rental Philadelphia

Whether it is a single spotlight or 32 moving light fixtures on automated trusses, D24K is ready to provide quality products and services. We can provide but not limited to the following:

  • Spotlights
  • Moving Lights
  • LED PAR Cans
  • Wireless DMX Controlled Lights
  • LED Fixtures
  • Custom Gobos & Monogram Projection
  • Uplighting
  • Programming Lighting Systems

D24K crafts lighting designs that support your brand, theme, mood and budget.

We offer full service design, setup and control with professional lighting technicians. Whether you know exactly what you want or simply just a vague idea, D24K will facilitate the process to produce a great looking event.

From intimate gatherings to lavishly decorated galas, D24K offers customized solutions the fit the right balance of design and budget. D24K has earned a reputation for unique and exciting events through our creativity and ability to bring our client’s visions to life. D24K sets the standard for decorative accent lighting to many events. We understand the elegance of lighting and how it can enhance the décor of any venue, whether simple or extravagant. Whether you are looking for a vibrant modern chic classic, soft romance, or cool sophisticate style, D24K will assist you in full implementation of your of your event and meet your vision.

We can illuminate the head table, cake and cake table, and also provide wireless LED pin spots for your floral centerpieces. You can accentuate your formal events with Elegant Spotlights, enjoy your name In lights, and dine under the stars. Let our talented team of professionals help you create your dream wedding with colorful uplighting, Outdoor Market Lighting, Paper Lanterns, Draping, Reception Lighting, Laser Light Shows, Rippling Water Effect On The dance floor Or ceiling. e offer customized solutions the fit the right balance of design, budget, and service.

Lighting services include:

Washing walls or columns in your desired color(s)

Tent Lighting
Washing the top of your tent in intense color(s)

Gobo Monogram Projection
Custom monograms or logos broadcast on walls, ceilings, floors, or dance floors

Centerpiece Lighting
Use our low-profile fixtures to up-light vases or floral arrangements; color-selectable via wireless remote control

Outdoor/Perimeter Lighting
Light walkways or driveways with our unique LED panels color-selectable via wireless remote control

Table Up-Lighting
Light underneath tables for glowing effects

Lighting Rentals
Have capabilities and just need lighting? Rent our fixtures and create your own design. Delivery and installation are available.

Special Projects
Contact us with your special requirements, and D24K will design lighting to make your event a standout

Contact us for a free consultation and find out what sets us apart from the rest.