Audio Visual Rental Philadephia

D24K Productions is a full service audio, lighting, video and special FX provider for a wide array of events and industries.

We provide quality, professionalism, and experience in the field of lighting, special FX, audio visual rentals and production. We pride ourselves in our commitment to customer service, focusing on making the individual needs of our clients a reality.

D24K serves a network of clients in the greater Philadelphia area including independent artists, multi-platinum major label recording artists, record companies, concert venues, promoters, wedding and party planners and other event or entertainment-related entities.

D24K offers flexibility and convenience paired with a comprehensive inventory featuring the latest state-of-the-art equipment available in the market. We offer competitive rates to assure our clients they are getting the most for their money.

D24K has 15,000 square feet of warehouse space which houses our extensive inventory of sound, lighting fixtures, truss, power distribution, consoles and accessories available that makes it possible for our equipment to perform its magic.

Knowledgeable Staff

You’ll find we have a qualified and friendly staff of engineers to recommend, maintain, set-up and operate all types of gear. Our engineers are experienced in a variety of environments and work with every type of artist, from platinum sellers to developing artists.

Top of the Line Audio Visual Technology

D24K is always on the front-line with the newest trends in the industry. We have committed ourselves to providing equipment of the very highest standard and that is up to date with current trends. That is why we stock only the most cutting-edge lighting, sound and video equipment, constantly turning over our equipment stock to ensure that none of the lighting equipment we provide can be considered “old-hat”, worn down, or dated. We are continuously purchasing and researching new products to stay ahead of and current with the latest in audio/visual technology. Whether it is special effects, intelligent lighting, or LED Technology, we do our best to keep a variety of options within our inventory, so our clients have items that work with any budget.

If you have any specialist lighting requirements, or are interested in discussing the latest technology the industry has to offer, then please contact a member of our team, who will happy to guide and educate you about this exciting area.

Quality Audio Visual Rental Gear in Philadelphia

Our rental gear goes through thorough inspections every time it leaves our facility and upon return. This inspection includes: cleaning, testing and performance evaluation. We also provide a 24 hour technical support hotline in the event that you have a question or concern before, after or during your event.

D24K is friendly, knowledgeable and experienced to give you the customer satisfaction that you deserve. We believe in educating our clients about our products so you are able to make conscious decisions that best suit your event needs.

All events are produced by certified technical staff and adhere to the highest level of safety. D24K is fully insured and all production work is covered under standard liability policies.

For us nothing is impossible.

D24K Vision Statement

D24K will continue to grow as a leader in the special events support industry providing an unequaled level of internal training and development and customer service. Its steady, principle-based economic growth will be recognized by other companies in all industries making D24K a role model for others.

Contact us for a free consultation and find out what sets us apart from the rest.